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Band - Pressure Point

Pressure Point Band

A premiere Portland, Oregon based variety dance band for weddings, company parties, and other special events. More about Pressure Point.

Band - A New Groove

The amazing vocals of Leisa Hart and Jarrod Lawson, backed by an all star cast of musicians.  More on the variety dance band A New Groove.

DJ - Media Jockeys

Media Jockeys DJ service image

The highest quality mobile disc jockey service in the northwest. More on the Media Jockeys DJ service.

Jazz - Michael Winkle

Recording artist Michael Winkle is a fabulous singer of great songs. More about jazz vocalist Michael Winkle.

Dance - Dance That

Individuals and couples dance instruction. Specializing in first dances for weddings, Latin, Ballroom and more.  Read more about Dance That.

Wedding Entertainment

Bride's Guide to finding the perfect entertainment for your wedding:

 So, that special day that you have dreamed of is now becoming a reality. Your wedding day will soon be here and you want it to be perfect in every way.  Choosing the right music can be one of the most important decisions you will make to ensure that you and your guests will enjoy a lifetime of wonderful wedding memories. Finding the best entertainment for your wedding needn't be difficult if you follow a few simple pieces of advice.

As is the case with most of the better vendors, many entertainers book well in advance, sometimes as much as a year! This is especially true during the peak of wedding season that typically runs from June through October. December is becoming popular fo weddings as well as corpoate events have been scaled back and venues that previously would not be available for weddings now have holes in their schedules and are motivated to fill them. It is recommend to book early in order to secure the best band or DJ and not be faced with selecting from the left overs.

We highly recommend seeing live any band or DJ that you may be considering, whenever possible. At the very least, ask for references, audio samples and possibly live video footage if available. Most professional bands and entertainers can provide you with, audio, video, photos, bios., song lists and other promotional materials to aid you in  your selection process. If you are working with a professional booking agent or wedding planner, you can rely on their experiences with the artists over time. Generally, they have a track record and relationship and will only recommend to their clients, proven entities who in turn, make them look good and the refferel from a happy client is the Gold Standard of all leads!

Always demand a contract! This will minimize any possible misunderstandings on the day of your wedding as details pertaining to the performance will be spelled out in the contract. If you have questions about any aspect of the performance, ask! Technical issues and logistics can be confusing and overwhelming when coupled with every other aspect of planning a wedding. Part of our job as consultant/agent is to coordinate things like load-in of equipment, coordination of power for sound and lighting, stage size, dressing room requirements for the act, and much more. If you are handling this task yourself, ask lots of questions and rely on the expert advice of hotel banquet and catering staff.

Always ask in advance how much time is required for your band or DJ. for load in and set up of their equipment. Ask your venue how much time is available for this activity and avoid the surprise of finding out that they have scheduled multiple weddings on your date and shortening the window for your band to complete load-in, set up and sound check. More than likely, the band can adjust their set up time if given advance notice. If you want to have dancing at your wedding, make sure that there is ample space at the reception location for the dance floor and the venue has the ability to accommodate your band, or DJ. The band or DJ can supply you with important information such as stage size and power requirements, which will enable the coordinator at your location to determine their ability to meet the band's requirements. In most cases, we ask the band leader or DJ to check in with the venue to discuss these technical matters.

Weddings are unique in that the age ranges of the guests are so broad. Of course you should hire the band that sounds the best to you and is the closest match for your personal tastes, however bear in mind that because of the unique demographic of a wedding you might seriously consider choosing a band or DJ with a "something for everyone" approach. This will help ensure that the majority of your guests will stay and party along with you for the entire night!  Most bands or DJs will be happy to meet with you to discuss fine points, timing, special music, announcements, etc. Most bands and DJs are comfortable and happy to announce call to dinner, entrance of wedding party, entrance of bride & groom, toasts, cake cutting, first dance, the garter toss, and anything else that is important to you. They will also talk with you about musical preferences, break times and appropriate attire for your wedding.

Ask your band leader if they will bring a CD player, lap top or ipod with them when they set up for your wedding. It is helpful to have music playing on band breaks if there is not an activity such as toasts or cake cutting taking place at that time. Many bands are happy to play recorded music during dinner or cocktails. In addition, many bands are prepared to play live, easy listening background music during dinner if requested.

Creating a time-line for all vendors involved in your wedding (including the band and ceremony musicians) is very helpful. This allows everyone involved in the ceremony and reception to anticipate when their services will be needed and for how long. It also ensures that everyone will be ready to begin on time, and eliminates confusion about loading in and out of equipment.

Contact numbers of all of your vendors should be stored in a place that can be accessed immediately if needed. Maybe appoint someone in your wedding party (if you are not utilizing the services of a planner) as the contact for all your vendors on the day of your wedding. This insures that small last minute issues, if any should arise, can be handled without involving you. Your job is to look beautiful and have fun!

On this page you will find  audio samples of some of the various ceremony options that we can provide.  The combinations available are nearly infinite and and these samples merely reflect the most requested options.

We offer sound systems for ceremonies, DJs, officiant services, live bands, DJs, various lighting packages, staging, coordination, dance lessons, choreographed first dance, photo booth and more!

Download Name Play Size Length
download Flute Harp Duo 2
Flute Harp Duo 2

8.6 MB 6:15 min
download Solo Guitar2
Solo Guitar2

0.8 MB 0:34 min
download Solo Piano 3
Solo Piano 3

5.7 MB 4:09 min
download String Duo 4
String Duo 4

1.7 MB 1:14 min
download String Quartet 4
String Quartet 4

1.2 MB 0:50 min
download String Trio 1
String Trio 1

1.2 MB 0:52 min
download The Prayer (Vocal)
Michael Winkle

6.6 MB 4:47 min

Wedding Services

First Dance Instruction:

For some, dancing is a big part of the wedding reception. However, most people are not blessed with innate dancing skills and therefore could benefit from professional dance instruction. Whether the goal is simply to feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor or to create a one-of-a-kind first dance to impress, we can help. Dance That has on staff, professional dance instructors skilled in Latin, Swing, Ballroom, and various other popular styles. The lessons are affordable and the instructors are patient and very people oriented.

Our dance lessons are a fantastic investment in the overall success of your wedding reception!

Promotional offers available in connection with the booking of any DJ service!

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CMEVENTS is a full-service entertainment agency that provides event services, specializing in live entertainment for wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, corporate parties, picnics, festivals, fairs, reunions, concerts and other special events where reliable and quality entertainment is important.

Items that our agency can help you with:

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